About Us

Research Direction

                Vision    The Economic Plant Research Unit of Surat Thani Province emphasizes on making a research that create benefits and returns to the community that is in accordance with the strategic area and the context of Surat Thani community. The research direction is laid with 3 main parts, which are:

                1) The study of variety of plants of Surat Thani Province and the selection of potential specifies that can be developed into economic plants in the future.

                2) The research to develop the productivity and the value adding of products. For example: The study of production of off-season fruit, the study of impact from the change of weather and nutrient against the growth and the plant products, the study of recipe that is appropriate with the tissue culture of important economic plants, including the precise plant production system, the worthy use of water and fertilizer in terms of production cost and returns, and the research to develop the guideline for plant breeding and plant protection.

                Moreover, there is the direction of operations in terms of research and development of processing for value adding that is linked with the community, which is an important part that can support the operation of the university. For example: The study of usability of wood from rubber tree and other woods in southern region for highest benefit, including processing all parts of wood to add value, such as the study of how to use each type of economic wood to produce wood cement board and particle board, the wood preservation by using natural substance, and the use of wood scraps to produce charcoal with the transfer of knowledge about the production to the community.